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Month: December 2013

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Using PHP’s open_basedir to help secure your WordPress site

We recently migrated a few WordPress websites to a shared environment.  One easy thing you can do to help secure sites in shared environments is to properly use PHP’s open_basedir.  PHP’s open_basedir limits the files that PHP can access outside of the specified directory.  You can use open_basedir in the Apache configuration file, php.ini or […]

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Get memory heap and non heap usage on Railo

To get the Memory usage on Railo (heap and non-heap), you can use the getMemoryUsage() function, like so: <cfdump var=’#getmemoryUsage(‘heap’)#’> <cfdump var=’#getmemoryUsage(“non_heap”)#’> Pretty simple.  But something that isn’t well documented.  I hope this helps someone! -Scott

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