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4 Reasons Why WordPress Can Work for You – Even with no Coding Knowledge

WordPress Can Still Be a Great Fit For You, Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

If you’ve been dreaming of building your first website — whether it’s a personal blog or a landing page for your business — and the idea of learning how to code is keeping you from diving in, we’re here to help you put those fears aside. Even with no coding knowledge, building and maintaining a website with WordPress is a lot easier than you might think. We cover some of the major reasons we use WordPress at Corporate Zen here, but in this post we’ll break down a few of the reasons WordPress is a good fit for you.

1. For Starters, It’s Free!

If you’re worried about committing to your new website with a hefty payment upfront or a year of monthly fees, you’ll be pleased to know that using to build a website is totally free! While you’ll have to pay (usually small) fees to purchase a domain and pay for a server, when you use, you won’t be tied down to a costly monthly or yearly subscription plan. You can always level up with a professional web designer down the road, and there are paid options available if you decide to use the services on But if starting with a free service makes the process of building a website less intimidating, we think that’s a great thing.

What’s more, the basics that come with your free subscription are easy to master without learning how to code – read on to learn why.

2. You’ll Learn with an Intuitive User Interface

You’ve probably heard the term ‘User Interface’ or ‘UI’ tossed around — it’s actually a very simple moniker for something you likely use multiple versions of on a daily basis. All it refers to is the way that you interact with programs and apps on a tech device like a computer or phone. WordPress’s User Interface is attractive and intuitive — it looks nothing like the endless black screen of HTML you might be envisioning, and it doesn’t require a thousand-page manual to master the basics.

While you can certainly get into more complicated territory if you’re motivated to learn, when it comes to creating Pages and Posts (the building blocks of your website) WordPress’s User Interface is surprisingly easy to figure out. It features simple drag-and-drop tools that let you add and arrange blocks of content like text, images, and videos with ease. You can change the appearance of your text — making it bold, italic, or enlarging it to create a heading – with the click of a button, no coding knowledge required.

What’s more, as you can see in the above screenshot of the draft of this very post, the interface on WordPress’s post editor gives you a basic view in real time of what your finished posts will look like. And by clicking the ‘Preview’ button in the upper right hand corner, you can see exactly how the finished product will look on your site before publishing it for your audience to see.

3. Free WordPress Tutorials are Easy to Find and Super Helpful

While the basics are simple and intuitive, like learning any new skill, once you start working with WordPress you’ll inevitably find yourself with a few questions. Fortunately, finding answers is as simple as typing your query into Google and watching pages of results pop up. Since WordPress is so widely used, the internet contains an abundance of tutorials on everything from troubleshooting basics for beginners with no coding knowledge to advanced guides for web designers.

There are plenty of straightforward tutorials for beginners (like our own post featuring five helpful tips for WordPress beginners) that will help you get a handle on the basic ins and outs of the program. WordPress has its own set of handy resources for using the program, and there are tons of other free resources that are just a search away. Many free tutorials even feature video guides to walk you through each step in a visual format that makes learning almost foolproof.

Video tutorials for WordPress are free and plentiful!

4. When You Partner with a Web Designer, the Possibilities are Endless!

Even if your site comes from the humble beginnings of you, your laptop, and a free WordPress subscription, if you decide you want to take things to the next level you can always enlist the help of a professional. Building a WordPress site with no coding knowledge will get you surprisingly far, but if you find your goals are changing, a web developer can help you tap into the endless possibilities that an online presence has to offer you and your business.

Working with a web designer like the pros at Corporate Zen is a great next step if you want to utilize all that WordPress has to offer without learning how to code. Click here to learn more about developing your WordPress site with us, or fill out the contact form below to get in touch and see how we can help you reach your goals. If you’ve already built your own site with one of our favorite platforms, it’ll be that much easier to get you there.

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