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Author: edith

4 Reasons Why WordPress Can Work for You – Even with no Coding Knowledge

WordPress Can Still Be a Great Fit For You, Even if You Don’t Know How to Code If you’ve been dreaming of building your first website — whether it’s a personal blog or a landing page for your business — and the idea of learning how to code is keeping you from diving in, we’re […]

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Returning to a Previous WordPress Post or Page

Revert to an Old Draft Ever spend hours editing and re-editing a post, only to realize that you really preferred the original version? While the cmd+z (Mac) or ctrl+z (PC) keyboard shortcut is a great way to undo minor changes as you’re working, it won’t do you much good if you’ve re-written entire paragraphs, saved […]

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Intro to WordPress Comment Settings

If your website includes frequently published content in the form of posts (like the blog you’re reading right now), it’s important to consider whether or not you want to allow site visitors to leave comments on those posts.

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