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Author: Rob Willey

Post-it notes to plan a menu.

Edit & Re-Order Menus in WordPress

Depending on your installation, your WordPress website may have multiple menus or it may have only one. For example, your site may have separate menus for the  header and footer, or the site may have only one menu. Often sites with only one menu display that same menu in both the header and footer. In this case, any updates you make will apply to both the header and footer.

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Image showing four tags or labels.

Create WordPress Categories & Tags

WordPress’ categories and tags allow you to organize your content in a way that lets users sort and filter content to focus on what they are interested in. WordPress designed categories to cover broader topics and tags to cover more narrow classifications within each category. For example, a site on cooking might have a category […]

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Person editing a WordPress site.

5 Helpful Tips for WordPress Beginners

Below are a few beginner tips to get new users started in WordPress. The focus of this post is to provide short answers, rather than exhaustive details. Additionally, this post is focused on website owners who have independently hosted WordPress sites (also called “” sites). Some of these tips will still apply to sites hosted […]

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Typewriter with "update" typed on a piece of paper

Update WordPress Core & Its Plugins

Why you shouldn’t make your own WordPress updates Before explaining how to update your WordPress plugins, we’ll explain why you may want to think twice before doing it on your own. At Corporate Zen, we strongly recommend that you hire a developer to handle updating your WordPress website and plugins. Doing the updating is usually […]

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Photo of Rob with sunglasses

Meet the Designer

Hi. I’m Rob, the main website designer at Corporate Zen. I designed most of the websites featured on our portfolio page. I also designed the site you’re looking at now. I was asked to create this post to provide a little background about me, my process, and my design philosophy. Here goes. How I Became […]

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What is a CMS?

Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy for people without any development skills to keep the content on their websites up-to-date. You’ve probably heard of some of the popular ones, like WordPress and Drupal, but there are many others out there, including Joomla and Adobe CQ. Here’s a list of the most popular CMS out […]

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CZ Move a Success!

CZ Move a success! It wasn’t without some hiccups, but we’ve successfully completed our office move. We’re really enjoying the new office. The management at the new building is exceptional, and the lobby area just underwent a complete renovation. There’s also a large outdoor courtyard with several grills. When the weather’s nice, we often eat […]

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CZ’s Upcoming Office Move

After over 10 years at 3800 North Fairfax Drive, Corporate Zen is moving to a new office at the end of August. This will be Corporate Zen’s second move in its roughly 15 years of existence. Why are we moving? Our landlord decided to sell the office where we are now. Rather than try to […]

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Easy Email Tracking Part 2: Test Your Tracking URL

Part one of this series discussed an easy way to set up email tracking for your campaigns using Google’s URL Builder. After you’ve built your URL (see part one of this post for more on that), you should test it. It’d be a disappointment if you log-in to Google Analytics hoping to see great data […]

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