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sketch of SSC's homepage
We designed School Services of California's (SSC) website and developed it in Drupal.

Drupal overview

Like WordPress, Drupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS). Although not as popular as WordPress, Drupal has a wide and loyal following. Additionally, developers have created many modules that extend Drupal’s functionality. Drupal’s module library is not as strong as WordPress’, but whenever there is a well-maintained module that meets our client’s needs, we utilize it to decrease the number of hours we need to bill. Drupal’s modular structure also makes it possible to add features after a site launches.

Drupal includes a WYSIWYG text editor that allows admin users to directly edit pages. The text editor includes the ability to format text by: bolding text, changing text sizes, and so on. The text editor also lets users add tables, generate lists, and more.

Our Drupal experience

We’ve designed, developed, hosted, and maintained multiple Drupal sites over the years. Generally speaking, Drupal is more complex and requires more time and effort to develop in. This, along with fewer module options, typically results in higher costs when clients choose Drupal over WordPress. However, there are occasions where a clients needs or their existing site make Drupal the better choice. When clients come to us unsure of which CMS they should select, we discuss their business and how they use their website. Then we use our knowledge and experience to make a recommendation on which CMS will best fit their needs.

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