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Sketch of DoodyCall's website



We developed a new WordPress site for DoodyCalls and connected it to a ColdFusion based CRM system.

monitor with DoodyCalls homepage

Headquartered in Virginia, DoodyCalls turned to us to develop a new WordPress site based on another firm’s design. We worked with DoodyCalls to bring the design to life. This included tying the new WordPress site to a legacy ColdFusion CRM application that DoodyCalls’ call center relied on. We also integrated the site with ActiveCampaign’s API. Below we highlight a few areas of the site.

DoodyCalls quote desktop

Custom quote feature

Every page on the site lets users can get a quote by clicking the “free quote” button. Implementing the quote feature required integrating this WordPress site with the ColdFusion site that DoodyCalls uses to manage their call center. We set it up so that the WordPress site delivers a custom quote based on the zip code each user enters.

screen shot of DoodyCalls footer in laptop

Easy marketing

To encourage signups, the site has many signup areas, including the footer signup form shown in the screenshot. When a user starts the sign up process, our ActiveCampaign integration captures the potential customer’s email and records how far they got in the signup process. This allows DoodyCalls to segment and customize their marketing campaigns.

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