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East-West Center


Sketch of East West Center's website



We built EWC’s website on Drupal based on mockups created by another firm.

EastWest Center homepage

In 2014, our long-time client The East-West Center (EWC) came to us for a new website. Another firm created the design. We built the new site with several different content types and taxonomies. This allows EWC to organize and sort content in a way that makes sense to them and their users. After development wrapped, we had the challenging task of migrating years and years of content from EWC’s old Drupal 6 website to their new Drupal 7 website. This required many scripts and even some manual work. We stuck with it and got it done.

EWC Education page displayed in a laptop

Ongoing Maintenance & Optimizations

There isn’t space to list all the projects we’ve done with EWC here, but here are a few examples. We did a project to improve the site’s Google PageSpeed score. By focusing on image optimizations, we significantly improved the score. We’ve also made several updates to the server’s software to improve performance. And, to reduce the risk of malicious activity and increase speed, we helped EWC set up CloudFlare’s content delivery network (CDN). Maintaining a site of this size and complexity has many challenges, but, despite the site’s age, we’ve managed to keep it running well.

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