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Republic of Korea Wall of Honor


sketch of Republic of Korea Wall of Honor



We designed and developed a concept to honor Koreans who died in the Vietnam War.

Homepage of website displayed in laptop

VVMF’s main site focuses on the American experience in the Vietnam War. As part of a partnership with the South Korean government, Virginia based non-profit VVMF asked us to create a new concept to honor the Korean lives lost in Vietnam. We designed several concepts, then developed a WordPress site based on the one VVMF selected. Today, we host and maintain this site for VVMF.

ROK homepage in monitor

Every Name Displayed

To give a sense of the scale of loss and make sure that each casualty was remembered, our concept slowly scrolls each name across the user’s screen. Users can hover over a name for a few more details and click on a name to view the full profile. Creating animations with such a large data set was a challenge, but we worked through a few iterations to get it right.

Korean profile with image

Sharing Memories

Like the Wall of Faces page on VVMF’s main site, we gave users the ability to post Remembrances (comments) and photos to the names of veterans on the site. The site associates photos and Remembrances with the name they are submitted to, displaying them on the appropriate profile. The screenshot shows the Korean side of the site where users have uploaded images and Remembrances to a profile. By customizing WordPress’ built in comments feature for this aspect of the site, we saved our client’s time and money.

Korean version of ROK homepage

Korean & English Version

We designed the site so both Korean and English speakers can use it. We found Google Translate had many inaccuracies, so we made the content available in both languages instead of relying on Google. Users can easily switch languages by clicking the links at the top. Customizing a WordPress plugin for this part of the site gave us a head start on development and allowed us to reduce the hours we billed to our clients.

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