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We designed a new website for VVMF, then developed it with WordPress.

VVMF homepage the wall that heals

Arlington, VA based VVMF came to us seeking a new website. We designed and developed a site tailored to the needs of VVMF’s unique audience. Once development wrapped, we completed a complex migration (discussed more below) of the old site’s key content. Today, we host and maintain the website. Below are some of the site’s key features.

VVMF homepage screenshot in a laptop

Video & image slider to draw users in

To highlight all the great work VVMF does, we built a homepage slider that supports both videos and images. The slider takes up the entire screen. To make sure users know the homepage has additional content, we added the “more” button shown in the screenshot. When users click this button, it autoscrolls to the next section.

screenshot of Wall of Faces page in monitor

The Wall of Faces

The Wall of Faces is the cornerstone of VVMF’s website. After re-designing its appearance, we had the challenging task of migrating approximately 59,000 names, most with multiple images and many comments (or “Remembrances”). The fact the legacy site was built with ColdFusion, complicated the migration. However, we worked through several obstacles and various scripts until we had it right.

Screenshot of VVMF's about the Wall page in laptop

Custom exhibit pages

To make it easier for users to navigate VVMF’s in-depth “exhibit” style pages, we built a custom WordPress template. The custom template features a sidebar navigation that automatically displays the page’s headings, providing context and allowing users to click and jump to sections they are interested in.

screenshot of VVMF donation page in desktop monitor

Continuing Support

Because VVMF opted for our hosting and maintenance package, we can quickly update their site as their needs change. For example, after launch VVMF decided that another custom template would help them bring in donations. To meet this need, we created and developed a new custom donation template.

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